Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a trip to remember

owhhh..lamenye tak berblog..
sampai terlupe yang aku punyai blog..haha
just coming back from 'amazing' trip..


alone from Malaysia
16 days..
countless pics
priceless memories
unforgettable moments

praise to Allah, the Almighty god
this trip won't be successful without the bless from you
& also special thanks to my best friends there (jijimat & luqman) who been very very helpful
& also new friends that I've met there (Future Doc : nazir, alep, syed, pak lah, alwi, ben, ahmad, hassan etc)

now get ready for the 'next chapter' of my life
working starting next Monday (5/7) & 'jodoh-hunting' maybe (^_^)v

p/s : 1st thing that I do when I arrived home - makan nasik!!!! haha..really difficult to find nasi in europe. makanan ruji adalah kebab :)


  1. hey i want ur update! bout europe of cos! hehe been expecting it since u were away. (ko tau aku pon suke travel hihi) :D

  2. i'll try to update when i got time :) since it will be a long story, better if i only focus on certain places. which one you preferred che yah?

  3. nak pic! n most interesting part only. :D