Saturday, June 12, 2010

so hard to put the title

this week couldn't get any better..

1. monday
finish my FYP2 Presentation in the morning. the examiner was very kind but somehow very strict in giving marks. prepare for the worse. having EE photoshoot in the afternoon & the day was perfectly closed by having dinner together with my SV & fypmates. SV blanje kot - you cannot ask for more! haha Thanks Dr Rosdiazli, lecturer paling sempoi sepanjang 5 tahun aku study kat UTP. sape nak ambik FYP, I would recommend him as your supervisor.(wahh bukan main bodek aku ni. bagi markah lebih Doc haha)

2. tuesday
finishing the reports with some adjustment required. since my sv already blanje us yesterday, so I was like very semangat to complete the report. haha. got some thoughts from my SV related to Masters study which I would fancy myself in the future. also got chance to complete the 'treasure hunt' a.k.a Clearance form.

3. wednesday
this day is awkward somehow. I've settled my hardbound matters in the morning. lucky to have kak hawa for the guidance & assistance. she really helpful. Just pay RM70 + RM10 for the hardbound & the rest just 'cuci tangan' compared to my others coursemates who needs to do hardbound & submit it & bla bla..having lunch together with my BFF (Best Friends Forever) for the last time. then packing up lots of stuff in ONLY 2's time to say goodbye. well I was trying to act 'cool' when hugging & saying goodbye to them. but only god knows my feeling at that time. feels like crying. damn, big boys don't cry please. I've shorten the 'goodbye' session when I started to feel..yeahhh..that feeling..yeahh..the one la..ok STOP! tukar topik please..tak mau ke kL pon macam orang heartbroken je..i'm staying at my aunt's house that nite..i got big job's BIG deal..

4. thursday
Structured Interview P*T at Tower 1 Level 37. i'm so grateful because my aunt take her leave to accompany me for the interview. Really appreciate it!! Thanks!! gosh I'm so damn tired after almost 2 hours of interview. 50-50 chances. hope for the best. maybe Recommended or maybe Not Recommended. stopped in Kajang for some documents issues for the 'next chapter' of my life :) glad to arrived safely in PD.

5. friday
well just realized that "seronok duduk kat umah tak sama dengan seronok duduk kat UTP..". 1st time rase 'UTP-sick'. I really mean it. 1st time okayy..sblom ni NO WAY. WORLD CUP FEVER starts today!! Samba-Samba!! I will officially announce that productivity of the employee will decreasing tremendously starting from today until 11 july!!! SEKIAN :)

6. saturday
buying some stuff for the 'BIG DAY'..

7. sunday - BIG DAY (^_^)v
it's time to reward myself after 5 years of studying. (macam la study sangat kan..hikik). I'll be away for vacation insya allah. pray for me k

p/s : I won't blogging for the next 2 do follow me on my twitter hehe. I will tweet a lot. sori terpanjang pulak post ni. ramai demam musim panas-panas ni so please take good care of your health. bubye

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