Friday, January 21, 2011


this blog will be postponed until further notice
paling lama pon until Julai 2011 or Januari 2012..
i'm a bit busy + i'm dun have internet at the moment + laptop pon dah kasi adik haha
so klo nak online pon kat umah pd je + my dad nak terminate streamyx kat umah ni wakaka

many thanks to all for the support!
keep writing your blog guys! i'm gonna read it..hehe

owh ya little updates..currently working in Segamat, Johor! Johor Johor Johor HO!!!
2 units Compressor 22MegaWatt is my sweet kiyyut beautiful girlfriends...
kne belai & jaga baik-baik!!!!
my rent house is just 5 mins from the office (serious tak tipoo)
masuk keje pkol 8pg, kluar rumah pkol 7.50pg
no traffic jam, no berebut-rebut nak naik public transport
even kami lunch by tapaw + makan kat umah depan tv
COOL kan? haha
Segamat is a peaceful city & tranquillity place to live..
2 hours from Kuantan, 3 hours from KL, 3 hours from JB & 2 hours from PD je!!!
no wonder la plan nak blk umah every wiken.. :P
maybe it would be a better place klo ade shopping complex + cinema kot..hehe
if you happen to be in Segamat, pls drop by & say hi ok? :)