Wednesday, May 5, 2010

tips strike through

my final week final year final semester of my degree is already over
so many word 'final' there..
it's not friday yet but this week is already over for me
5 reports to submit (HRM, EIS, OM, Final Report FYP, Tech Report FYP)
2 tests (Test2 IACS & Test4 OM)
1 project presentation (HRM)
that's summed up my 3 days (mon-wed) this week
so many reports that I've been thinking to work as reporter someday :D
the most hectic 3 days of my life
it won't be that hectic if I finish the report earlier rite? :P
haha..padan muke kau!!!! RASAKAN!!!!!
after submitting my FYP Final Report + Technical Report at 5.15pm Wed 05/05/2010
I'm a FREEMAN!!!! omg!!! epinyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~

ok got tips to do 'strike through'. credit to che yah.

1. <
2. s
3. >
4. ayat ko
5. <
6. /
7. s
8. >

jom kte praktis

saya gembira mempunyai kawan yang sangat lucah lucu

waaaaaa jadi la..ngeh3x..pasni slalu la gune ye

p/s : tanx to all my frens who help me finishing all those reports. tanx guys!!!! really appreciate it!


  1. congrates..akhirnya habis dah degree? *jeles*

  2. tinggal final exam + final presentation je dayah.
    insyaalah sebulan lg abes la *wink*wink* :)

  3. kA..goodluck for your future! ;D
    eyh, kenduri pakchan pukul brape?
    aku rase aku mcm xley dtg je..
    9hb kan?
    sbb 9hb aku ada mock trial..start pg, tp xtau hbs kul bpe...
    kalo aku xdpt dtg, ko tlg tlg tlg kirim slm kt die ey?

  4. @idzwan : around 12 la..oic klo abes awal jom la gerak..kirim salam je? tak nak kirim hadiah ke? hehe

    @che yah : hehe tanx!!!