Thursday, April 29, 2010

eh dah 100

this is my 100th post
can't believe that I can reach this milestones after 1 & half year of blogging
what else I can say..
thanks to all my readers (macam la byk sgt readers hehe)
you are my inspiration to keep writing until now
I can't promise you that I will update my blog everyday
but I can assure you
I will 'torai' to update this blog at least once every week

lots of ideas circulating my tiny little mind
but I can't find the 'mood' & the right time to put it into words
quite busy right now
my hands are dirty with lots of reports~


Keep Holding On!!! :)

p/s : 1 month to go..mixed feeling..hurmmm


  1. post ni buat aku rasa loser. x sampai setahun post aku dah 200. sh*t ah. nampak sgt aku xde life. hahaha

  2. tue maknenye ko de byk idea adib hehe keep writing. aku akan bace :)

  3. 1 month to go! gogogo~~ ended up mixed feeling jgk. TT_TT

  4. chaiyok2.. :) mixed feeling = epi + sedih T_T