Sunday, December 20, 2009

proud to be Malaysian football fans

it's not too late to congratulate our Malaysian football team for the 'present'..i watched the game that started at 6pm..

to be honest we start the game with back foot..have to admit that Vietnam was far superior in term attacking & controlling the tempo of the game..we'll lucky not to consider any goal at half time..Vietnam attack us by using both of their flanks..our defense made couple of perfect block..Our team struggle to play our game & I'm so relieved to hear the half time whistled..

whatever Rajagopal said at the halftime team talk has really inspires the whole team..we comeback at the pitch we a different mentality..ATTACK is the best of DEFENSE!!

we seems like a tiger, really roaring to tear Vietnam apart..the engine department spread the ball beautifully to the striker..everything seems to gel nicely and our Team looks like a real damn threat!! one thing for certain, Vietnam team looks exhausted & jaded during 2nd half..that's made a big different..

i need to send my sis & little bro to mengaji at 7.30pm..solat maghrib 1st before could u imagine that i drive so fast just to make sure that i dun miss much of the sis started to make some noise about my driving..ahh i dun care :P

the score still 0-0 when i've back home..goshh!! a moment after that, Vietnam defense accidentally gifted the goal..the goal that make the whole nation screaming!!! the goal that make the whole nation going crazy!! i hope i can watch that sweet moment with my friends at mapley..i bet we gonna start throwing the plastic chairs away & dancing like a crazy man!! hehe

it is a memorable moment to hear "Negaraku" at the Laos Stadium..

credit to the coach, Rajagopal & all the players who wear their socks-off, fight for every ball, play with pride, guts & "never say-die-attitude". don't get carried away with this victory because we just be the King of SEA Games. We need to put more efforts so that we are able to compete with the likes of Japan, China, Saudi Arabia & Australia in Asia level competition. I think that this team is matured enough to win many accolades in many years to come. Just keep the same discipline and PLEASE DON'T LET POLITIC INTERFERE THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS TEAM!!! i don't want "Hafiz Hashim" tragedy to dampen this team....

hopefully we don't need to wait for another 20 years to win Gold medal again...

p/s : i'm so happy..yippieeeeee

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