Friday, November 11, 2011



what happen to me today?

nothing..attending SAT at 'no man's land'
a place at the centre of ladang kelapa sawit in Setiawan 
(i just knew Setiawan got its name from Setia + Kawan hehe)
no phone line
even GPRS Broadband gone missing..3G jgn harap la -_-"
just waiting for UPS discharging the current for 8 hours..
required to record battery reading (Vdc) every hour..
waiting & waiting & waiting

bcoz of the waiting..I've missed out my bestfriend engagement sob3x -_-"
tak pe, this what we call as sacrifice to the nation!!!

luffy elastic, if you're reading this blog..

p/s : i should be in Gebeng rite now but somehow...

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