Friday, September 3, 2010

iPod touch 4G

dulu masa zaman Foundy di UTP, semua org berebut nak beli thumbdrive
during that time 512Mb was like RM104 (klo tak silap la)
that one was the story 5 years back
now 4Gb dah lebih kurang RM25!!!!! can you imagine that?
then brp harga 512Mb skrg? 512Mb is not even in the store haha
(maybe 512Mb org simpan dalam muzium kot sekarang ni :D )

that's what technology is all about
if you keep waiting & waiting for the price to'll be left behind

..i just bought ipod touch last June
for me it was an awesome device..REALLY!!!
owh ya Apple just introduced the new ipod touch 4G
it's even better!! homaigod!!!

why I don't wait a little bit longer???????????????????????????? June --> Sept tak lame je kan?? -_-"
boleh trade in ipod touch lama untuk yang baru tak? haha..

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